Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why sending back empty credit card envelopes works.

I've noticed a change in the offers that I am getting from the credit card companies. And it's not that I'm getting less of them. No, apparently the companies sending out these offers have decided that I'm not being pedantic, I'm stupid. I really want to get the credit cards, I just can't seem to send back the right information. Two things have changed.

1) My girlfriend has decided to start adding random crap (and I do mean random crap; think cutout picture of Sr. Elton John) to the envelopes, so they don't actually go empty.

2) About 10% of the envelopes are now barcoded! I haven't figured out if the barcodes are real or not (well, seriously, I haven't bothered to try and scan them and see if they're meaningful), but they are definitely barcoded and meant to look meaningful. It's definitely not clear if they are trying to figure out who is sending back empty ones, or if they're just trying to make me thing they really care about me. Either way it's entertaining.

On the whole, I still feel somewhat vindicated sending these empty things back, and it's not making a dent in the volume. That site that I mentioned before seems more and more interesting.

In the end, I'm still going to send them back. If for nothing than the humor value to my post-person (or at least so I hope).

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Waseem said...

like the info..if possible i use these info when designing Gift Card envelopes..thanks you share it.